Weather Related

We are experiencing a weather-related difficulty. As the seasons change and fall is in the air, we are in serious need of a coat that makes a statement. So many times outerwear is overlooked when we go shopping for a closet upgrade. Get warmth on your mind and find a stalk-worthy style to chill out with.

Belted Faux Leather Trim Coat
Faux Leather Trim Peacoat

Faux leather is eye catching, rich in appearance and adds an interesting play on texture to the most practical of pieces. Find a coat to show off just as much of your personal style as your clothes do.

The It Girl

The it girl. Every other shirt wants to be her and every pair of pants wants to be paired with her. Blouses are back in a big way for fall and the style possibilities are endless. The light, airy feel and utility design makes her the perfect choice for nearly every type of bottom. To create a signature look, pair this style with a long necklace and your favorite pencil skirt, trouser or jean.

We’ve added a sharp, new twist to this classic style by adding one of this season’s most popular trends – zipper details. This trend on trend style will truly set you apart from 9-5 and from dinner to drinks.

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Zip Pocket Equipment Blouse

Mixed Check Equipment Shirt

Borrowed from the Boys

To us, the Menswear Trend surpasses fashion and is a statement on how empowered women have become. We’ve taken the clean lines that make up menswear styles and gave them a ladylike shape. It’s menswear, with a feminine twist. Today, women are running board meetings in oxfords . They are making power plays in pinstripes and breaking the glass ceiling in feminine blouses. Look out boys! Today, we not only match you… but we look better doing it.

Pleather Weather

Forget a cat-fight, THIS is a closet fight. The cardigans of the world are out to defend their territory as the classic, reliable go-to layering piece for cold weather, cold air conditioning and flat-out cozy comfort. But the Pleathers will not go down without a fight. They have called in the big guns for fall to show us all that faux leather jackets aren’t just outerwear; they are THE layering piece – the exclamation point on any outfit.

This Motorcycle Jacket is a nod to the pastel trend for fall with edgy style and a beautiful blue hue.

Stand out in the Faux Leather Vest.

Elevate your outerwear with the Quilted Side Faux Leather Jacket.

Say Goodbye Skinny Jean

Dear Skinny Jean,

It’s not you… it’s us, really. But it’s time for us to break up. We’ve met someone new. Someone that never stops flattering; that balances out everything that I have to offer and that shows off every pair of my favorite shoes.

It’s the Barely Bootcut Jean. So move over skinny, there’s a new jean in town! Because trends come and go, but the perfect pair of jeans will always be in style.
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Love Yourself

I have never met a woman who doesn’t look into the mirror and scrutinize something about the image that she sees. If only this were skinnier. If only this were smaller… larger…. younger. When it comes to the image that we present the world, we are our own toughest critics.

There is such bliss in youth. Little girls pick clothing based on color, style, sparkles. As you age, you become acutely aware of everything that makes you look heavy, silly or wrong. The excitement of youth is replaced by the negatives of the adult world.

We are here to help you take back the bliss. Look at yourself in the mirror today and find one thing that you love about yourself. Draw from that. Build every outfit with that in mind. That’s where we come in.